Sennheiser skp 100 g2 схема

sennheiser skp 100 g2 схема
Sennheiser ew 100 G3 wireless mic systems are a popular option for use in video production, and they typically work right out of the box—without requiring you to fiddle around with the settings. After about 55 seconds, the display will inform you how many Banks and Free frequencies are available for use. All the other buttons have the same parts so if a different button is damaged, you can replace it the same way. On the lower side of the transmitter there is a small stick holding the compartment cover. Either way, the method is again the same. Connect the cold signal (XLR pin 3) and the ground (XLR pin 1) to both the tip and sleeve of the jack. The Sennheiser G3 systems have 20 Banks of frequencies with 12 Presets each.

This process only requires a few button presses. It can save you from experiencing interference, and potentially save a take or two, or even an entire day’s work. It’s well worth the effort. Then press the arrow keys until Exit is displayed in the Easy Setup menu, and press Set to exit. Once again, the ideal setting is when the meter is bouncing a little more than halfway up the scale. For most Sennheiser microphones (e.g. MKE2, HSP2, HS2, etc.) this requires the red wire to be soldered to the tip of the jack and both the blue and the screen wires to be soldered to the ring and sleeve of the jack. When you give up the reliability of a hardwired connection and go wireless, you run the risk of experiencing interference.

After you use the Easy Setup feature on the receiver, you must use the Sync feature on the receiver to beam the new channel to the transmitter wirelessly. Because this person speaks so loudly, the transmitter is going to require a lower audio-level setting to capture the sound properly. The ideal setting is when the meter is bouncing a little more than halfway up the scale. If you’re using a camera with numbered meters, you’ll want to adjust the audio level so that the meter is bouncing around -12 dB, or slightly below. When they’re all properly set, you will have good gain structure The key to setting levels with the Sennheiser G3 wireless systems is to keep an eye on the audio-level meter on the transmitter and the receiver’s display. Even though you can use these systems right away, they’re designed to be versatile, and they offer some important features that can help you avert potential disasters.

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