Схема работы аирбака

схема работы аирбака
The three indicted former executives — Shinichi Tanaka, Hideo Nakajima and Tsuneo Chikaraishi, according to court records — are Japanese citizens and not in U.S. custody. При включении зажигания около 10 сек горит контрольная лампочка, которая должна затем погаснуть. Don’t try to open the airbag compartment yourself. Наполненная продуктами горения от сработавшего пиропатрона подушка будет тёплая или немного горячая — это нормально. Второй конец веревки подсоединяется к запорной конструкции патрона, наполненного углекислым газом и находящегося в куртке. The dealership should provide information on any needed additional parts.

More recalls are coming over the next three years, affecting as many as 69 million inflators in 42 million vehicles, the agency said. When airbags have deployed and there is permanent crash data stored, which cannot be cleared conventionally by clicking [Clear Codes-05], the airbag controller must be replaced. Due to liability concerns, Ross Tech does not offer assistance for installing used airbag components. But watch out: Crooked body shops can install devices that make the airbag light flash properly even when the airbag is gone.

The worldwide recall of faulty inflators in airbags made by the Japanese firm is the largest automobile recall in history, and may affect up to 100 million vehicles.No more than 60,000 had been replaced in New Zealand. New Airbag Controllers in many VW/Audi vehicles contain a Soft Coding of all zeros from the factory and must be coded once they have been installed in the vehicle. Urge your state legislators to support tough penalties for body shops that commit airbag scams. Using the label example, note that on the upper right, it says INDEX [03], this is NOT the index/color code! При определении ЭБУ удара и выдачи сигнала на активацию подушек безопасности, также одновременно выдаётся сигнал на активатор натяжителя ремня.

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